SweatStop® Antiperspirants for excessive Sweating

Do you suffer from excessive perspiration? SweatStop®, the expert in highly effective, skin caring antiperspirants helps you live a normal, relaxed life, without sweat.

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Why SweatStop® Antiperspirants?

  • Feel free, dry, relaxed
  • Wear colours again
  • No more sweat stains on clothing
  • With aloe vera to nurture the skin
  • An appropriate product for every need
  • Dermatologically tested & graded "very good"
  • Applied millions of times all over the world
  • Price advantage with 100ml bottle
  • 30 days money back guarantee

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SweatStop® antiperspirants for excessive sweating

SweatStop® antiperspirants fight sweat effectively. Contrary to conventional deodorants, which only combat odor, our antiperspirants get to the root of the problem: The sprays and lotions are based on technology containing aluminum chloride, and are applied in the evening before going to sleep. They close the sweat glands and restrain sweat, inhibiting perspiration. Because of their special formulation with ingredients such as panthenol or camphor and the optimization of the pH-value, SweatStop® is particularly gentle and soothing to the skin. Most SweatStop® antiperspirants contain Aloe Vera which ensures a gentle application.