Forte Max Foot & Back Antiperspirant Spray
Item No.: 9012
This foot antiperspirant spray offers efficient protection against excessive sweating on the feet. It significantly reduces excess perspiration and blocks unpleasant odor for up to 24 hours.

Item No.: 9012
Product Intensity: 23 (0 - 23)
Volume: 100 ml
Dermatologically Tested: Yes
Forte Max Foot & Back Antiperspirant Spray

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Forte Max Foot & Back Antiperspirant Spray


Foot & Back Antiperspirant Spray Extra Strength If you find that you sweat very profusely even when you are not physically active you might be suffering from excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), which can affect different parts of the body including the feet. The SweatStop® Extra Strength Foot & Back Antiperspirant Upside Down Spray has been developed for maximum protection against excess sweating with the convenience of the application in mind.

The Upside Down pump system makes it very easy to apply this antiperspirant spray to areas (feet, back, etc), which would be difficult to spray with conventional pump.

To achieve long lasting effect during the next day, the spray should be applied in the evenings just before you go to bed.

Since the skin on the feet (especially on the bottom of the feet) is quite thick and liquid substances, including sprays, cannot penetrate it as easily. When you use this product as a foot antiperspirant we recommend that you prepare your feet first; clean it and then remove calluses and patches of dry skin. Then you would generously apply the spray for up to 5 times, rubbing it in after each application.

For optimum effect and to ensure long-lasting protection against excessive sweating and unpleasant foot odor this should be done every evening before bedtime.
  • His-and-hers
  • Areas of application: Feet
  • To be applied on healthy skin


  • Sustainably prevents sweating and odor
  • Upside down spray system for parts of the body difficult to access
  • Dermatologically tested: "very good"
  • Content lasts many months 
  • Provides 24 to 72 hours active protection  
  • Over-the-counter
  • Without fragrance
  • Without parabens
  • 30 day money back guarantee
FAQ & Help
Application area Back, body, underarms, feet
Antiperspirant intensity 23 (on a scale from 0 to 23)
Active protection Yes, 24 hours for feet, up to 72 hours for other parts of the body
Pharmaceutical form Fluid, in upside down pump spray
Volume 100 ml
Application Just before going to bed on dry skin
Frequency of application Feet every day, other parts every 2-3 days
Lasts up to 4-8 months
Aluminum salts Yes
Fragrance-free Yes
Paraben-free Yes
Alcohol Yes, disinfectant
Dermatologically tested Yes, very good skin compatibility
Money back guarantee Yes, 30 day money back guarantee
Manufactured following ISO 9001 & GMP Yes