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Application with sensitive or irritated skin (dermatitis)

Through steady perspiration, even if only moderate, the skin is permanently exposed to humidity. Everyday movement leads to rubbing of the skin, which in turn leads to irritated skin. Example: If you apply alcohol on healthy skin, you do not feel anything. If you apply it on a an open wound, it burns horribly.
If the skin is constantly exposed to humidity, this might lead to irritations and bacterial inflammations. Infections especially occur in the armpits. This is essentially due to an lower pH-value of the sweat in this localization. It is less acidic and thus provides less protection against bacterial infections. 
Often irritations are not visible to the naked eye. Nevertheless there is a way out of this vicious circle: A skin care lotion like for instance Aloe Vera ReLotion or Bepanthen can improve the situation.
How to solve this problem:
Apply one of the above mentioned lotions for 3-4 days (several times a day). Only after this period of time carefully start to apply a SweatStop® antiperspirant again. Keep on applying the lotion (in the mornings!) while yet again applying the SweatStop® antiperspirant in the evenings. In most cases SweatStop® antiperspirants with a low intensity are strong enough, thus such "weaker" products should be used preferably. After several applications, you can slowly increase the amount applied.
With this procedure you will be able to reduce skin irritation, as you are able to constantly reduce humidity by applying an increasing amount of a SweatStop® antiperspirant. Hence the skin produces constantly less sweat, which leads to a reduction of skin irritation and therefore a skin recovery. Skin care lotions like for instance Aloe Vera ReLotion or Bepanthen are supporting this recovery process. If the skin is kept dry constantly, (with continuous application of a SweatStop® antiperspirant) the achieved healthy condition of the skin can be maintained. 
Please keep in mind that although skin irritation is disagreeable, they are absolutely harmless.
  • Apply a skin care lotion like for instance Aloe Vera ReLotion or Bepanthen for 3-4 days
  • After diminishment of the irritation, continue to apply a low intensity SweatStop® antiperspirant (small amounts in the evenings) in combination with Aloe Vera ReLotion or Bepanthen (in the mornings and during the day)
  • Slowly increase the amount of the SweatStop® antiperspirant so that less sweat is being produced.
  • An antiperspirant with a higher intensity can be tried out at a later point in time