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SweatStop® Instant is recommended for the external use on hands and feet. The worldwide unique lotion is enriched with talc and inhibits sweating instantly. The lotion is odorless and does not leave behind white marks as it is color of the skin. Due to its handy size SweatStop® Instant is ideal for traveling and everyday use.

With weak to strong sweating the enrichment with aluminum salts furthermore positively influences a long-term effect. With strong to extreme perspiration SweatStop® Instant is to be applied in combination with the spray SweatStop® Forte max. 


1. Application for weak up to strong perspiration (only Instant)
  1. Clean and dry hands respectively feet
  2. Apply a pea sized amount on palms or soles, rub in and let dry

The effect takes place immediately and remains for 1-3 hours, depending on the exposure of hands respectively feet. Use a larger amount for a higher intensity or a longer effect. Repeat if required.


2. Application for strong up to extreme perspiration (Forte max & Instant)

For strong up to extreme perspiration the spray SweatStop® Forte max is to be additionally applied to SweatStop® Instant (see 2.1).

Directly before going to bed:
  1. If existant remove horny skin in order that the solution can permeate the skin
  2. Clean and dry respective part of the skin
  3. Apply up to 5 sprays of SweatStop® Forte max and massage until the solution permeated the skin completely

Avoid anything that could enhance the formation of sweating in the hours after the application.